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Preserving the Stories of Our Lives by capturing the voices, words, and meanderings of artists, scientists, writers, poets, musicians, and eyewitnesses to history. Listen, learn, and be amazed! WEB:

The Story Preservation Learning Lab

Entry into the Learning Lab is a way to engage students through story and involve them in project-based lessons that pique curiosity and enrich the learning experience.

While SPI primary source stories effect us emotionally and intellectually, research shows that they also cause our brain to react biochemically, as we naturally seek a coherent narrative structure in the stories we hear and tell.

With the Learning Lab, teachers reach students on both an emotional and biochemical level, increasing the potential for rich, multidisciplinary learning experiences.

The Learning Lab is appropriate for grades 4-12.

With Story Preservation audio as the engagement piece, student’s ‘attention spotlight’ is turned on and focused. Project-based lesson plans, often multi-disciplinary and designed for student-led inquiry, deepen the learning.


The Learning Lab was developed using a ‘whole-school model’ so that all administrators, teachers, and students in every participating school have access.  Our online forum allows for sharing of resources, outcomes, and experiences, creating both an intra-school and inter-school Community of Practice.   The site is available on a subscription basis. Funds generated will be used to continue to grow the site – with more stories, lesson plans, and related resources.   To register or for a 10-day free trial click here.

A page from the Learning Lab section titled Environmentalists / Naturalists

A page from the Learning Lab section titled Environmentalists / Naturalists




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