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Disrupting the Status Quo for the Health and Well Being of Planet Earth

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Photo courtesy Ecovative Design


This coming August, Story Preservation will be recording Ecovative Design co-founder Eben Bayer for our Learning Lab project. Read on. You’ll want to know this name.


Eben is a mover and a shaker in the field of biotechnology, using natural materials to solve important environmental challenges. Named one of Forbes 30-Under-30, Bayer and his Ecovative team have successfully developed a process that uses mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to grow materials that replace plastics. This is just one innovation among many.

Eben’s story will be shared with high school students through Story Preservation’s Learning Lab project to inspire, inform, and help to create a next-gen, can-do culture by opening new pathways of thought.

For Eben and Ecovative, it is all about rethinking the status quo and building new models to sustain the health, well being, and beauty of our fragile planet.

Ecovative’s work has been widely recognized including as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, a U.S.EPA Environmental Quality Award winner, and Buckminster Fuller Institute socially responsible design designee. Bayer is the primary inventor on more than 10 patents published in over 30 countries.