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Hardwired to Learn Through Story

Storytelling is a powerful learning tool

At last year’s Creative Innovation Global Conference, opening speaker Allan Fels, a highly regarded Australian economist, lawyer and public servant, began his address talking about the power of storytelling.  He stated, “As humans, we are hardwired to tell stories and hardwired to listen to stories.”

He went on to say that “70% of what we learn is through stories” and that “storytelling is essential for innovation.”

The evidence to support Professor Fels’ statements is mounting – in fact, like stories – it is everywhere.

From Learning Through Storytelling in Higher Education:

“Stories are everywhere.  We hear them, we read them, we write them and we tell them.  Perhaps on occasions we feel them.  We use them to motivate others, to convey information and to share experience. We tell stories to entertain our friends and families, to connect with new people and to make sense of the world around us.   … storytelling [is] a powerful learning tool.”

By engaging both the heart and the mind, stories are an important tool in helping the human mind understand, truly feel, and remember.  (And if you don’t believe me or the others mentioned, just ask one of the kids pictured below!)

Pictured: Brinker Ferguson shares a good story with a fifth grade class.

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