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Babe Sargent, recorded in New London, NH, December 10, 2010

“The Babe” – remembering his father …

When World War II got started, after Pearl Harbor, he became a very patriotic person. He’d been involved with the Legion and was a World War I veteran. And he made a model of a battleship. I have pictures of that. Unfortunately, we don’t still have the boat, but it was a seventeen-foot-long hull, and he made the entire superstructure based on photographs of the battleships, to the point that the FBI, when they were looking at the boat, wanted to know where he got his information. He was an active police chief, so they would come out and talk to him at times. Well, in those days, Popular Science or Life magazine had all kinds of pictures of these ships, and he could sketch from those. And he made this beautiful model of this battleship that we could get into. We could even run it—it had a little Briggs and Stratton engine in it. And we could lift the smokestack off. I would get down inside and slide my feet forward, and then my head and my body would come back up into the bridge part of the battleship. So your head is inside this bridge, and you look out just as though you were a real pilot.

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