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The Tao of Story

Environment | Art | Poetry

Untitled 2Story Preservation Initiative was both gently guided and consciously followed through its first full year as a nonprofit.   Our ideas for the oral history collection and how to get it out into the world as an educational resource were not rigid – rather they were tested.  We learned quite a lot simply by allowing things to unfold.  When they worked, they were developed – and when they did not, we moved a few degrees in one direction or another, poked and prodded a bit, and abandoned dead-end pursuits until – slowly – our path has become clear.

The – now obvious – educational add-on of producing curriculum around the oral histories came into focus.  Likewise the establishment of media relationships, such as that forged with TedEd, has become another area of concentration.  We didn’t foresee either of these developments early on.

The collection of oral histories itself was originally – and by design – a broad collection.   There was no one discipline that trumped another.

But now, even that is beginning to change in ways that we did not anticipate.

The sub-collections of oral histories of environmentalists, artists, and poets are deepening and helping us  – yet again – to sharpen our focus.

While we will remain open to capturing and preserving the oral histories of those who have achieved a high level of significance in any and all disciplines, the Tao of Story is asking us walk a more clearly defined path.

We will now be actively seeking those with a life’s work to share and a story to tell in the fields of the Environment, the Arts, and Poetry.

And so onward we go.