Diminishing the chasm of ignorance of so many, between our “here and
now”, and our very recent past, Story Preservation Initiative  is an admirable endeavor.

Samuel Bak


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecI appreciated your gentle, low-key approach, which made me very comfortable throughout and – even more – how beautifully you selected and edited to get the salient facts … in good order and with the superfluous smoothly edited away.

Ruth Morrill


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecStory Preservation miraculously captured the founding of WomensTrust in an intimate-interview format and, in so doing, gave me the gift of being there.  Mary Kuechenmeister has a talent for organizing the inquiry, creating the environment to relax into telling it like it was, and then editing as if she were never there.  In Story Preservation we have dimensional audio building blocks of how individuals persevere on their path of difficulty and find their way.

Dana Dakin, Founder, WomensTrust


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecI greatly appreciated the opportunity to be interviewed by Mary Kuechenmeister of Story Preservation.  Telling the story of my father’s internment experience during World War II was not only gratifying, but also provided the welcome benefit of publicizing this is little-known part of history. Ms. Kuechenmeister’s approach was professional and she researched the subject well prior to our meeting.  She asked good questions designed to elicit the best information for her listeners.  Story Preservation is making an excellent contribution to our nation’s historical narrative.

Karen Ebel


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecWhen Mary Kuechenmeister asked if she could interview me for Story Preservation, I jumped at the chance to join the amazing group of people who have shared their stories with her. The truth is, coming from a line of Irish storytellers on my mother’s side, I have lots of stories to tell including many of the childhood ones in my books.  But to just sit around and talk is pure bliss for someone like me. In seconds, Mary had me willing to “tell all” with her gentle manner and the “safety” of the situation. I could have gone on and on.  If any of you ever get the chance to join in on this project, by all means, do.  It truly is by telling all our stories that we all are known.

Tomie dePaola


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecThank you for the opportunity to think about life and art the other day – a rare occasion indeed. You must elicit such interesting commentary from each of your subjects; your curiosity and intelligent questions set such a casual yet such a refined table on which to serve ones thoughts!

Eric Aho


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ec… a wonderful recording session yesterday, and the most interesting conversations around the recorded material (which you set up superbly).

David Carroll


ae481535461a43f01d6ad6868f88e9ecMary Kuechenmeister presented a comprehensive and  practical oral history workshop for our  staff and volunteers, focusing on the details of the interview process— from equipment and planning to background noise control (unplug the refrigerator!) to the fine art of listening and developing rapport.  Discussion of post-production and transcription rounded out a lively and informative session.  We’re ready to roll!

Betsy Tyler, Obed Macy Research Chair, Nantucket Historical Association.



It is wonderful what [Story Preservation is] doing in the realm of education … encouraging imaginations to soar in young people’s minds.

Dorie Petrochko, President, Connecticut Natural Science Illustrators

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