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New Library Archive

13 October 2012, 20th Anniversary banners hang on the 14th street entrance to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

We’re pleased to announce that all of our current and future holocaust-related oral histories will be archived at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.  This in addition to the Library of Congress, New Hampshire State Library, select university collections, and directly into K-12 classrooms.

Stories Matter

SPI Recordings at the Library of Congress

Home Sweet Home

Library of Congress seal

Story Preservation Initiative recordings have found a bricks and mortar home at the Library of Congress.  Our collection will be housed in the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center.  So now, in addition to being available for  listening on our website, all recordings made to date – and all recordings yet to come – will be archived there – for true story preservation!

A complete listing of our recordings can be found by referencing the list of Categories to the right – or by scrolling down.  

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