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Story Preservation plus TED-Ed equals Great Learning!


The latest SPI / Ted-Ed Video:

Gravity and the Human Body 

Jay Buckey Ted-Ed

Our bodies function necessarily under the presence of gravity; how blood pumps, a sense of balance and bone growth are all due to life in a world where gravity is an inescapable reality. Armed with experiments from neuroscientists David Hubel and Torten Wiesel, astronaut Jay Buckey presents a thought experiment: How would our bodies work without the force of gravity?

To view Gravity and the Human Body, go to:

The first SPI/ TED-Ed video to roll off the production line was  Jerry Carr’s Life of an Astronaut, in which Jerry talks about astronaut training and his life during the Apollo years.  This short, animated educational video was created for students and teachers.  The animation is by Academy-award nominated animator Sharon Colman.


To view Jerry Carr’s link to:

SPI oral histories teamed with TED-Ed animated lessons for teachers and students is a great vehicle for learning!

From the TED / TED-Ed folks   … 

“What if you could capture that one brilliant lesson, amplify it and put it in a place where teachers and students can use it all over the world?”    TED’s Chris Anderson

“TED-Ed has the potential to take a lesson that might normally reach just 20 students and extend it to the world. The topics we can cover are endless, and the more teachers and animators who contribute their lessons and talents, the more impactful this resource becomes.”               TED-Ed’s Logan Smalley