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Jay O’Callahan – SPI Brings One of America’s Best Loved Storytellers into the K-3 Classroom

Story Preservation Initiative’s new K-3 Storytelling Learning Lab is a free, online resource that is all about LITERACY! First step in the literacy building block: Instill in young kids (K-3) a love of story and see how it translates in later years to a love of reading!!

Time Magazine dubbed Jay a “genius” and it is no wonder why. Jay enchants listeners old and young as he “slips into the souls of his characters and captures the wonder and sparkling sense of life welled up inside them, creating a magical world of hope, courage and dignity.” Jay has performed at Abbey Theatre in Dublin, National Theatre Complex in London, the Olympics, Lincoln Center, Boston Symphony Hall, and other theaters throughout the world.


Jay writes the stories he performs and the hallmark of his talent is the “passion he brings to big and small dramas of ordinary life.” Listen to Herman and Marguerite and you’ll understand exactly what this means.

Jay created Forged in the Stars, a story that was commissioned by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), which he has performed at locations around the country.

In addition, the National Endowment of the Arts awarded Jay a fellowship for solo performance excellence. He has received numerous other awards for his performances, books, audiotapes and videos from the National Education Film Festival, Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals, Parents’ Choice, New England Theater Conference and UNESCO, to name a few. Jay is a regular contributor to National Public Radio.

SPI continues to work to expand the site and bring more world-class storytellers directly into the K-3 classroom, so stay tuned!


In keeping with the Story Preservation Learning Lab model already in place for grade levels 4 – 12, SPI supplements the K-3 audio recordings with additional materials, including recommended teacher read-aloud books and engaging hands on story-making tools for kids. This is all designed to help young people connect what they are hearing to universal virtues and concepts, their own life experience, different cultures and customs, and other stories that they have heard or read. But most of all, it’s designed to instill in kids a love of story, which translates in later years to a love of reading!!

SPI also includes hyperlinks to related sites and in-class, standards-aligned projects developed by Story Preservation Initiative to further immerse students in, what is for many, a new and wonderful world of language.


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Story Preservation Initiative is a 501c3 public charity. 

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