Educators: Learn how to spark student interest with SPI ~ and earn 3 graduate credits at New England College’s 4-day intensive Summer Institute

Story Preservation in partnership with New England College will offer a 3-graduate credit course this summer as part of New England College’s Summer Institute.

ED 6143 Story Preservation Initiative (SPI) Learning Lab: A Springboard to Project-based Learning
This innovative course provides deeper inquiry into Story Preservation Initiative Learning Lab®, an oral history-based educational resource that combines primary source audio with project-based lessons for rich, multi-disciplinary learning. Participants will experience the power of sparking student interest in content using SPI’s collection of personal recordings.  Connecting the personal narratives of experts to content learning in the arts, sciences, humanities, and eyewitness accounts provides an exciting and unique springboard to project-based learning. Participants will learn to support students with developing orbital studies. This involves designing a question for study, developing a research plan and method for presenting their learning, and criteria to measure quality products. Through inquiry-based learning, participants will experience how rigorous and relevant personalized and differentiated instruction can increase student motivation and engagement that supports students as they develop expertise and become independent learners. (3 credits – June 26, 27, 28, 29) Instructors: Mary Kuechenmeister and Gina Aubin

For registration information please contact Kaitlyn Coe in the Education Division, at or 603.428.2340.

Hope to see you there!!

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