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Andrea Ange Joins SPI Board of Directors


Andrea Ange, Ed.D. has been an educator, school librarian, and advocate for children for over 20 years. Her ability to connect children with books and technology tools led to her New Hampshire School Librarian of the Year award in 2012. As a school librarian she understands the power of story to connect skills with content area knowledge for children. Dr. Ange has worked with both educators and legislators to ensure that children get access to the resources they need in public and private education settings.


Dr. Ange’s educational preparation includes a bachelor’s in Art History from Granite State College, a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of New Hampshire, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate studies from Plymouth State University, and a Doctorate of Education from Southern New Hampshire University. Dr. Ange is an experienced educator, certified as a education technology integrator, library media specialist, principal, curriculum administrator, and superintendent of schools.
Her professional affiliations include the National Education Association of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire School Library Media Association, where she served as the Advocacy and Government Relations liaison to New Hampshire’s legislators and the Department of Education and New Hampshire’s representative to the New England School Library Association [NESLA]. For NESLA her service included a term as President, Vice-President and New Hampshire Representative. She is a member of the New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education, the New Hampshire Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and a member of the New Hampshire Association of School Principals.

Story Preservation Initiative and New England College Partnership


Story Preservation and New England College are partnering to offer college credits to teachers involved with the Story Preservation Initiative Learning Lab.

You can register to take one or more of these courses as a non-matriculating student by clicking on this link:




If you want to matriculate as a student and take one of these courses click on this link:




M.Ed./CAGS ONLINE Course offerings

Spring I 2017: January 16 – March 5

(Spring Break I: March 6 – 19)

ED 6140 Fundamentals of Storytelling for Educators
(3 credits)

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination. In this course, students will learn how to construct and tell a well-developed story that holds interest and is effectively communicated to its listeners. Students will begin by exploring narrative stories to examine the basic elements of theme, plot, style, characterization, dramatic appeal, and appropriateness to listeners. Once a story line is well mapped out and adapted to a particular audience, the focus will shift to preparation for telling. Basic storytelling skills will be explored to make it your own, including dialogue, voice, gestures, facial expression, pacing, repetition, and exaggeration. Meets MED and CAGS concentration requirement: Storytelling

162 ED 6140 Fundamentals of Storytelling for Educators (3 credits) Jane Calnan


ED 6146 Story Preservation Initiative (SPI) Learning Lab Practicum I (1 credit)

SPI Learning Lab Practicum I offers students the opportunity to work directly with SPI staff to develop a unit of study that integrates personal narrative into their classroom. In this course, students will become familiar with the Story Preservation Initiative website and choose a personal narrative from the site that will act as a springboard to learning for a unit of study that is project-based. Students will determine a topic and develop a unit plan outline that includes grade level competencies, related materials, and assessment evidence that will support the project. Teachers are required to meet with an SPI staff member three times within the seven-week period either virtually, via phone or face to face, to discuss ongoing progress with the project as well as student and teacher engagement. Meets MED and CAGS concentration requirement: Storytelling

163 ED 6146 Story Preservation Initiative (SPI) Learning Lab Practicum I Jane Calnan and Mary Kuechenmeiste


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