Native American and Pilgrim Stories from the Plymouth Colony


We’ll be recording Carlton Bradford in March 2016. He is one of the last of the direct line descendants of Pilgrim Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Plantation. (Depicted above, the meeting between Governor William Bradford and Chief Massasoit).

As a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants and a man who knows well his family history, Carlton will share with listeners rarely heard stories on life in the early years of the Plymouth Colony.

Courtesy of Gail Matthews and Yankee Cable Network, this recording will also include audio from an earlier interview of Carlton and Paul Weeden, also known as Deerfoot, one of the last of the direct line descendants of Chief Massasoit, the leader of the Wampanoag when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in 1620.

Of Squanto, another of the Wampanoag, Governor Bradford is known to have said:

Squanto  … “was a special instrument sent of God for [his] good beyond expectation.”

Bradford and Deerfoot share a rich and fascinating ancestral history and are today friends – echoing the time of their forefathers.

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