Portrait of a Cool School


Andover Elementary-Middle School in Andover, NH Introduced students to WomensTrust Founder, Dana Dakin’s Story Preservation Initiative audio oral history – and then instituted a school-wide (K-8) Power of One project.  The students were asked to research people who, like Dana, have made a positive impact in the world – be it a school / a community / or a country. Lesson plans were written for the 2nd and 7th grade projects.

The 7th grade students were asked to identify a person from history who made a “Power of One” impact. They chose JFK. The students researched his life and accomplishments and then created a Facebook page, as if they were JFK. Think about what they had to learn to do that. They needed to know his educational background, family history, and his accomplishments in office.  Competencies developed included subject mastery, writing, and technical skills.

Jane Slayton, AEMS principal writes:

“I am excited that Andover Elementary Middle School has become connected with the Learning Lab. Our use has been limited thus far but as a school we see great potential in future use. We plan to continue to contribute but also take advantage of this rich and expanding resource.” 

Photo credit: Andrea Morales / Concord Monitor

Stories Matter

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