Our Mission

SPI_logo_final_web copy 6Story Preservation Initiative seeks out individuals whose lives and life stories represent narratives of unique accomplishment in the arts, sciences, and humanities. In its goal to record the oral histories of extraordinary individuals who have succeeded in transforming their lives and communities in both visionary and practical ways through their discoveries and achievements, Story Preservation Initiative strives to combine capturing the provenance, development, and fruition of its subjects’ careers as uncommon human stories with designing educational lesson plans that focus on the nexus of their work and lives.

With its archival home at the Library of Congress, Story Preservation Initiative will provide continual easy access to its rich collection of oral histories for a host of vital uses, ranging from integration into public and private school curricula to broadcast media access to library and digital archiving to free podcasts and website availability. All recordings and subsequent educational lesson plans will be categorized by subject and made available in part or whole on the Story Preservation Initiative website.

This venture seeks to uphold and celebrate the tradition of American individualism in a time of increasing cultural and technological homogenization, seeking out self-made artists, scientists, and writers who have pursued their ventures and dreams with exemplary self-reliance, perseverance, and singleness of heart. Each story that the Story Preservation Initiative records serves as a vital testimony to its subject’s genius for envisioning and then achieving seemingly impossible goals that stand out in the context of their lives as hallmark accomplishments in the ongoing legacy of the best human progress.

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