Story Preservation Initiative®

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Inspired Lives

New Hampshire Public Radio

will begin airing excerpts from Story Preservation Initiative recordings on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:35 am.

The program is to be called Inspired Lives.  It will run every Wednesday morning, for 12 consecutive weeks.

Each recording in the series opens a window to the life of a New Englander, or person with a close tie to the region, who has exhibited a talent, passion, or way of living that serves to enrich us all.

Excerpts will be uploaded and made available to all NPR stations throughout New England and the series will have a presence on the New Hampshire Public Radio website with excerpts, transcriptions, full length oral histories, and background information on each of those recorded.

Photo credit: Paul Howe

Pictured:  Mary Kuechenmeister, Founder / President of Story Preservation Initiative with Gerry Putnam of CedarHouse Sound and Mastering, Sutton, New Hampshire.Story Preservation works in partnership with CedarHouse Sound to produce SPI oral histories.

One Response to “Inspired Lives”

  1. Kit Chamberlain

    Most impressive and important. We need to be inspired
    in today’s world. Congratulations!


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