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The Mouth-joy of Vowels and Consonants: A Conversation with Donald Hall

Donald Hall writes extraordinary poems about loss, solitude, nature, and baseball.

I recorded Don on June 24, 2011 at Eagle Pond Farm (shown) in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

The full recording can be heard by clicking on the links, below.  It is also archived in the New Hampshire State Library in Concord, and at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH Special Collections.

If you have ever read Donald’s work, you’ll understand why he was chosen to be US Poet Laureate (2006 – 2007).  He is, to reference his page on The Poetry Foundation website, “…considered one of the major American poets of his generation.  Donald Hall’s poetry explores the longing for a more bucolic past and reflects the poet’s abiding reverence for nature. Although Hall gained early success with his first collection, Exiles and Marriages (1955), his more recent poetry is generally regarded as the best of his career.”


Donald Hall_Track 01

Donald Hall_Track 02

Donald Hall_Track 03

Donald Hall_Track 04

Donald Hall_Track 05

Donald Hall_Track 06

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Donald Hall, receiving the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama, 2010.

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