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Preserving the remembrances of those with memory impairment

My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s so I am painfully aware of the losses associated with the disease.

Memory loss and impairment, in general, regardless of the cause, robs all of those touched of all the life-giving stories of joy and sadness, good times and bad, struggle, and growth.   Story Preservation is dedicated to helping seniors with memory impairment – and their families – preserve those life-giving stories.

When memory loss is involved, the process that we undertake is simplified:

  • We offer shorter recording sessions and, if desired, make ourselves available for multiple sessions.
  • Questions are kept simple.  They sometimes need to be asked several times or rephrased.
  • We ask that a family member or loved one be present to ask questions and prompt memories.   This person is integral to the process and their voice is included in the recording.
  • We ask that the interview partner bring photographs to enhance memory.
  • And the amount of equipment, while still offering true-to-voice quality, is lessened.   Any augmenting of sound quality that may be needed is handled off-site in our studio.

There is often a relatively brief window to capture and preserve the life stories and histories of those with memory loss.  The rewards are tremendous and the process is of great value, facilitating meaningful interaction between the person being interviewed and their partner.

Finally, listening to, recording, and preserving life stories of those with memory loss helps to reaffirm  the value of their life experiences.

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